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Paris by night I

by adamf
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RO: Parisul, capitala Franţei cunoscută si sub numele de “Orasul Luminii”, deoarece s-a dezvoltat in mare parte in epoca iluminismului şi totodata a fost primul oraş european iluminat public. Într-adevar, dupa cum se poate vedea şi în poze, după lăsarea serii Parisul este de-a dreptul magic.


EN: Paris, the capital of France, also known as “The City of Light”, because of its big development during the Age of Enlightenment and at the same time it was the first European city to adopt street lighting. Truly, as the photos show it, after nightfall Paris is literally magical.

IMG_5148 IMG_5639-EditIMG_5196 IMG_5205 IMG_5590IMG_5432 IMG_5581

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